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Producing OER

How to establish an OER production service at your institution

Meta workflow for OER creation

In the course of the project "Open Education Austria Advanced", the overall process for the production of Open Educational Resources was considered from the perspective of universities. The following document is aimed at institutions that want to produce OER with teachers at universities.

This workflow was developed based on the experiences of the partner universities. The presented workflow for OER creation is to be understood as a meta-workflow. This abstract workflow serves as a guide that you can adapt to your needs at your institution, depending on local circumstances, by means of your own guiding questions, in order to move from the general to the concrete.

Establish open educational practice

The goal is not to create a model process. The different workflows are to be shared in the network, as well as guidance for good practice, for example on how to ensure legal certainty and sustainability in the inclusion of OER.

Working document for institutions

With the help of the published working document for institutions including a guiding question matrix, initial questions and steps can be clarified at your institution that are helpful in setting up and establishing an OER production service.

CLICK HERE to get to the OER production workflow for institutions (incl. working document for institutions with guiding question matrix - document language is German).

Interested in an exchange?

If your institution would like to establish an OER production service, contact us at We will be happy to advise you on the requirements and development steps.